Freestyle™ Hands-free double electric wearable Breast Pump

The FreestyleHands-free is Medela’s smallest and first wearable hands-free double electric breast pump, designed so you can carry on with other tasks while you’re expressing. The compact, pocket-sized pump is a separate unit, allowing our lightweight collection cups to fit discreetly inside your bra for a superior hands-free pumping experience.


At a glance

  • Wearable, ultra-lightweight collection cups are amongst the lightest available (76g each) and designed to fit comfortably and discreetly in your bra
  • Freestyle™ Hands-free pump combines comfort with portability, helping busy mums to multitask
  • Separate pump stays in your pocket instead of weighing on your breast
  • Anatomically shaped collection cups uniquely designed to maximise milk expression and comfort by reducing compression of breast tissue
  • Easy to clean and assemble collection cups with just three parts and in only three steps. Dishwasher safe
  • Transparent design so you can easily align the nipple and check if milk is flowing
  • Built-in, USB-rechargeable¹ battery for convenient pumping wherever you are
  • Connectivity to the Medela Family™ app allows you to create a personalized profile tailored to your needs
  • 2-Phase Expression™ technology mimics baby’s natural sucking rhythm – faster at first to stimulate milk flow, then slower to express milk for efficient and comfortable pumping

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Wear it together with your nursing bra

Freestyle™ Hands-free is designed for mums with an active, on-the-go lifestyle. The collection cups fit comfortably inside most nursing bras.

Complete discretion, comfort and convenience

At 76g each, our collection cups are amongst the lightest available. They won’t weigh down or heat up your sensitive breasts because the pump motor is a separate unit. The pump is compact enough to stay in your pocket, so your hands are free to deal with everything else on your to-do list.

Easy to assemble and easy to clean collection cups

That means it’s also easy on your schedule. There are only three steps, making assembly and cleaning quick, easy and stress free. Plus, it is dishwasher safe for even more convenience.

See-through components take the guesswork out of pumping

With its transparent cups, the Freestyle™ Hands-free gives you added reassurance that you’re expressing correctly. The clear cups make it easy to accurately position the nipple and you get instant confirmation that milk is flowing.

More milk, more comfort

Most breast pump shields have a 90° angle. The Freestyle™ Hands-free breast shields are designed with our research-based 105° angle technology to create a more natural fit and reduce pressure on the breast, resulting in better milk removal and more comfort.

It’s from Medela, a trusted expert in breast milk feeding for 60+ years

The new Freestyle™ Hands-free Breast Pump features well-researched Medela technologies such as 105° angled breast shields and 2-Phase Expression™. It also features the new Hands-free collection cups, which are uniquely designed to anatomically fit most breast shapes and nursing bras.

1 pump, 2 ways to collect

The pump motor you get with the Freestyle™ Hands-free works with our classic PersonalFit Flex™ parts too². If you already have them, or would like the flexibility to pump with them, you can enjoy the complete benefit you get from the seamless integration between the two.

Product Description

Medela takes pumping to a new level with the Freestyle™ Hands-free breast pump. The anatomically shaped collection cups fit seamlessly in most nursing bras and have been designed to be assembled in only three simple steps. The combination of 105° angled breast shields and 2-Phase Expression® technology makes Medela’s Freestyle™ Hands-free breast pump the superior hands-free experience.

What's included
  • 1 x Freestyle™ Hands-free Breast Pump (motor unit)
  • 1 x tubing
  • 2 x cups
  • 2 x membranes
  • 2 x 24mm hands-free cup breast shields
  • 2 x 21mm hands-free cup breast shields
  • 1 x power adaptor and USB-C charging cable
  • 1 x instructions for use

How to use the Freestyle™ Hand-free double electric breast pump

How to wear the collection cups

How to finish a pumping session & store breast milk

How to clean the cups



  • Power input: 100-240V~/50-60Hz/400-200mA
  • USB-C


  • Unit weight: <1.0 lbs / 273g (breast pump only) / 76g / 2.68 oz. (cups only) / 0.98kg /2.16lbs (in retail package)
  • 248 x 128 x 219 mm (Unit size / package)



Do you have to be sitting or can you be more active?

Freestyle™ Hands-free breast pump features in-bra collection cups for multi-tasking and comes with an internal rechargeable battery, so you don’t have to be plugged into a wall while using. Whether you choose to pump while sitting, walking around or tending to your baby Freestyle™ Hands-free allows you both options. However, the cups are not designed to be used while bending completely or during intense exercise as there is an opening (pouring spout) at the top of the cups through which milk could spill out.

Do I need a special bra to be able to use the hands-free collection cups?

A special bra is not required when using the Freestyle™ Hands-free collection cups. The cups are designed to fit into most nursing bras.

Do you have control of suction in stimulation and expression?

Freestyle™ Hands-free is designed with Medela’s research-based 2-Phase™ Expression technology. In both stimulation and expression phases, mum can choose up to 9 levels of vacuum.

Is double pumping more effective?

Medela researchers found that double pumping obtains 18% more milk on average, compared to single pumping3.

When cups are full can you empty them and then keep pumping?

Yes! When the cups are full mum can pause the pumping by pressing the play/pause button on the display, pour the expressed milk into a breast milk-safe collection bottle or storage bag and continue her pumping session. Freestyle™ Hands-free collection cups hold 150ml / 5oz of breastmilk each.

I overproduce, does it shut off when the cups are full?

No, Freestyle™ Hands-free does not shut off automatically when the collection containers are full. However, because of the collection cups’ transparent design and side scale indicator, it’s easy for a mum to monitor how much she has collected during that session and pause pumping if the cups are full.

Is the Freestyle™ Hands-free breast pump easy to clean?

With only 3 parts to clean Freestyle™ Hands-free has been designed to make cleaning easy so you can spend time on more important things. Additionally, all parts are dishwasher-safe.

What is the size of the pump?

The pump weighs 273g
Height: 46mm
Width: 67mm
Length: 144mm

How long does the battery last and does it need the original charger?

Freestyle™ Hands-free comes with a built-in, USB-chargeable4 battery for convenient pumping anywhere you are. Your breast pump can be used on an average for eight 15-minute sessions which gives you about 2 hours of battery life between charges.

Do you need WiFi to use Freestyle™ Hands-free?

No, you do not need to be connected to WiFi to use your Freestyle™ Hands-free breast pump. But without WiFi connectivity, app functionality may be limited.

Should I connect the app for every session?

While it is recommended to connect to the app to accurately track your session progress, it is not necessary to connect for every session. If you are unable to connect, the next time you do connect, your breast pump will sync and transfer the offline pumping session data to the app automatically. With this feature, you can feel confident knowing that anytime you use your Freestyle™ Hands-free breast pump, your data is saved and can always be transferred to your app.

What is the weight of the hands-free collection cups?

The hands-free collection cups weigh 76g.

How much milk do the hands-free collection cups hold?

The hands-free collection cups hold 150ml / 5oz of breast milk in each cup.

How can I clean and dry the tubing?

The pump features a closed system so milk cannot get into the tube when used as instructed. Do not clean or rinse the inside of the tubing under any circumstances. The exterior of the tubing can be wiped down with a damp cloth if dirty.

Can I store milk in the collection cups between pump sessions?

No. It is not recommended to store expressed breastmilk within the cups. When a mom has finished pumping, any breast milk expressed should be poured into a milk-safe storage container.

When finished pumping, how can I drain the milk from the tunnel into the cups?

To finish your pumping session, while the pump is still running lean forward and ensure all milk from the nipple tunnel enters the collection cups. Once there is no more milk in the tunnel stop the pump by pressing the start/pause button.

How often do I need to clean the Hands-free collection cups?

Sanitise before first use and once daily, and wash before first use and after each use. Always allow all parts to completely dry on a clean towel.

Can I return Freestyle™ Hands-free if I change my mind?

Freestyle™ Hands-free is a single-user device, therefore for hygiene and safety reasons, it can only be used by one person. This means that once the tamper seal is broken, you will not be able to return it to us or a retailer unless it is faulty. If you received a faulty or malfunctioning device, please contact the Medela customer service team to see if you are eligible for a warranty replacement.

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¹Only use the power adapter and cable that comes with the breast pump

²PersonalFit Flex™ parts sold separately, not included with Freestyle™ Hands-free

³Prime DK et al. Breastfeed Med. 2012; 7(6):442-447

⁴Only use the power adapter and cable that comes with the breast pump